Department of Heating, Ventilation
and Dust Removal Technology

About us

Department employs 31 persons nowadays - 2 full professors and 5 associate professors, 15 assistant professors, 4 PhD students and 5 technical and administrative employees.

Department is divided into three working teams - Heating and District Heating (headed by prof. Marian B. Nantka, PhD), Ventilation and Dust Removal Technology (headed by Zbigniew Trzeciakiewicz, PhD) and Metrology and Fluid Mechanics (headed by Andrzej Baranowski, PhD).

Employees are engaged in research and teaching activities mainly on topics of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Our staff specializes in the methodology of performing energy performance certificates in building and performing energy audits for the building renovation purposes. We also deal with issues of health and working environment safety. The result of many years of scientific activity are nearly thirty books and academic handbooks. Since the Department beginning 33 people received a doctor's degree in technical science, 9 habilitated doctor's degree and 4 professor's degree. Teaching activities include classes for students of the Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering on all kinds of studies (daily and weekend - at the level of Bechelor and Master of Science).

Department of Heating, Ventilation and Dust Removal Technology cooperates with many foreign centers, e.g. from Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Japan, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, the USA and the UK. Participates in the international research program of the International Energy Agency in Paris IEA - ECB & CS and research programs funded by the European Union.

We invite you to read the history of the Department.