Department of Heating, Ventilation
and Dust Removal Technology

Conference Rynek Ciepła (Heat Market) 2012

On 17-19 October 2012, in Nałęczów, took place the XVIII Conference of Science and Technology Rynek Ciepła REC 2012. The conference was attended by 11 employees of our Department who gave presentations related to issues of thermal diagnostics of buildings.

The following papers were presented:

  • Foit H., Lubina P.: “Measurement based determination of seasonal boiler efficiency”
  • Hurnik M.: „Efficiency of heat recovery from ventilating air in single family house in-situ test”
  • Lubina P., Foit H.: “Determination of a boiler combustion efficiency using indirect method with Siegert's formulas”
  • Specjał A.: „Analysis of application of the linear regression for the calculation of seasonal heat consumption based on short measurement”
  • Ferdyn-Grygierek J.: “Analysis of accuracy determination of seasonal heat demand in public building based on short measurement period”
  • Ciuman H.: „The possibility of using measurements of domestic hot water in multi-family building in its energy performance assessment”
  • Baranowski A., Ferdyn-Grygierek J.: “Impact of air exchange on the heat consumption in dwelling houses and public buildings”
  • Bartosz D.: “The impact of the energy quality of the building on the seasonal heat demand determination accuracy using the energy signature method”
  • Blaszczok M., Król M.: “Diagnostics of mechanical ventilation - basic tasks and actions”
  • Król M., Blaszczok M.: “Problems of determining air heater power in mechanical ventilation systems”
  • Foit H., Świerc A.: „Measurement based determination of demand power of heat source for thermal diagnostics of dwelling houses”
  • Koper P., Lipska B.: "Energy demands and thermal comfort in diffent air distribution concepts for air-conditioned lecture hall"

The articles can be read in the conference materials.